TGS featured in Art Jam & The Executive

Recently we also got featured in Art Jam, it is NTU’s cultural club magazine. Click here for the scanned article, or pop by and grab yourself a copy of Art Jam – plenty of other interesting stuff in there too!

The other article dates way back (September 2007 actually.. Procrastinators ‘r’ Us), it’s a 2-page interview article under the “Novice” section for The Executive’s The Service Issue. The title of “Novice” is quite apt – because we were barely one year into the business then. Even till today, we still feel like novices in many ways. We have learned a tonne of stuff along the way but it wouldn’t be right to call ourselves masters of anything yet. We still see ourselves as students, and it can be extremely trying at times but learning can also be fun! We’re not resting on our laurels though, we still have quite a few tricks up our sleeves for The Garden Slug, so watch this space!
There should still be a copy or two of The Executive sitting around on the bookshelf, buried under a tonne of Her World and National Geographic. Scanned images are here and here.

Most of the pictures taken with any one of our humble phone cameras, except the lovely picture of the Egg Pasta – credit goes to Ernie Su. Thanks Ernie! And also a big thanks to Hazel Almeida (Art Jam) and Felicia Ng (The Executive) for taking the time to talk to us and write about us. xoxo

One Reply to “TGS featured in Art Jam & The Executive”

  1. I like the way u took a picture of the magazine covers (top pic) ….. very eye catching! i love catching up on ur activities thru this blog. i visit the garden slug every other week and i hope u will remain a cool chillout place for a long time to come! well done slugs!