Closed on Wednesday

We’re closed this Wednesday (4 June) for an offsite event. Business as usual Thursday (5 June) onwards.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused, if any.

We are still contactable at the following:

Sophia 8138 7539 | Joseph 9006 4163 | Sharon 9225 7913

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2 Replies to “Closed on Wednesday”

  1. yo people
    I really love the layout of Looks good, keep it up!
    Im a very “devoted” christian and I guess I have a couple questions on my mind..
    I’ve been thinking a lot about dating.. but im not sure where to go with that.
    My friends have been telling me christian dating is the way to go.. so I’ve done a little research on breakingthelight. com/ ?christiandating =389 new bedford christian singles and found some stuff on google
    Would be cool to hear your input.