The Garden Slug van went a chuggin” to Face Bistro…

4 slugs got into our trusty ol’ van today and made our way to Face Bistro at Robinson Road 🙂 We were tasked to create the food and beverage for their very elegant launch.. Here are some quick pics of the event Enjoy! Face Bistro is located at 90 Robinson Road ( Tel 65382968), a really nicely -setup makeup and face spa that’s staffed by some really professional and friendly folks.. Face Bistro is owned by one of Singapore’s most well-known make up maestros, Miss Dily Wang.

Such a lovely lady, and very glam in person, I must say.. Check out their website at

The face spa was filled with so many congratulatory floral baskets, and most of them were from celebs that we know.. We saw baskets from David Gan, Patricia Mok and lots more. Wow, we think the Face Bistro folks are seriously connected, man! Unfortunately, we werent there to mingle with the cuties. I hope Deepa slug and Michael slug are not too disappointed, hehe :-0

We served mainly cocktail favourites like Sweet Melon,feta and olive… Strawberries coated with white chocolate, Bratwurst knobs and such. The food complemented the wine selection perfectly, we’re glad that the host and guests were happy with the colourful selection. ( The food had to be cling-wrapped as the party hasn’t started yet. Yup, the Face Bistro folks are professional hygienists through and through! )

“Kawa-ii neh!” We printed coloured traymats with Face Bistro’s logo on it, but of course, we couldn’t resist having our equally kawa-ii slug on it , hard-sell hard sell!! The trays went very well with Face Bistro’s stark white stylo-mylo decor, and looked like part of their shop. The Face Bistro folks seemed quite tickled by the trays. We were!

The Face Bistro folks were so sweet, they gave us roses and goodie bags before we left, and Miss Dily Wang herself thanked us personally. We’re just so happy that we managed to delight the Face Bistro team.

Thank you Si-Han, Jeanette and of course, Miss Dily Wang for getting The Garden Slug to craft the food and beverages for such a cool event 🙂 Michael & Deepa slug will try out the facial products in the goodie bag ( They look like some really expensive Japanese creams and potions), and keep us posted on the before/after photos! HAHA ~We have another party to whip up on Wednesday night.. Rest well, Joe, Deepa & Michael-we’ll need all the slug power for Wednesday nite. zzzz

5 Replies to “The Garden Slug van went a chuggin” to Face Bistro…”

  1. hey super slugs! another job well done!

    now im convinced that you all really have what it takes to be in showbiz! elbow to elbow with the stars..tsk thing we know, you are in makan sutra season 3 hehee

    here’s a toast to more parties and engagements and occassions and product launchings!

  2. hey super R! :-0 hmmm, the slugs are trained exponents of Makansutra. I wonder what other sorts of sutra is super R an expert on?!!? hiakhiakhiak…

  3. I’ve received so MANY sms’s from folks who want to get to know Ms Dily Wang!! gosh. Ok, I’m not sure if she is married? or seeing someone or vegetarian etc? I have a few suggestions for her new fans though.. ( aka Cough up the cold hard cash, folks! ) 🙂

    1. Go for a makeup session at her cool new Face Bistro place.. You can ask Ms Wang to doll you up, but she does makeup for Zoe Tay and Patricia Mok, so I think it’s gonna cost you a neat little bomb.
    2. Go for a soothing facial on days that she pops by her shop to check on things.. ( You can call 65382868 -Robinson Road , to make a booking)

    **Hey, Dennis , you wanna go for a facial together? They do facials for guys also. ** Not saying that your smooth- as- tofu face needs it, it’s just ” preventive measures” hehe :-0

  4. Hello Garden Slug folks, especially Sophia!

    Thanks so much for the delectable spread on that day, and for the elegant yet sophisticated food presentation! I was really thrilled (and touched) to see the customised traymats, and took one of it home…:) The pretty traymat was an epitome of Garden Slug’s commitment to exceptional service! The trays looked really neat, and definitely complemented the Face Bistro outfit.
    Thanks so much, Sophia and Joseph!

    It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts, with knowledge of Garden Slug taking care of our event…:)

    Thanks so much for making the Face Bistro launch party a glowing success!

  5. hey jeanette, how’s everything at work/home? THANK YOU for entrusting us with Ms Wang’s big event. We’re so happy that you enjoyed the food 🙂 Do pop by The Garden Slug soon!