from Glenda & friends!

Thank you for a fabulous dinner. I’ll really miss visiting your place when I shift to Hong Kong.

All of my friends really enjoyed the delicious food (my friends can’t get enough of the mashed potato and the Pear William). They’ll definitely return for more.

Glenda ( the girl who always orders the low-fat latte without sugar + zesty beef salad)

glenda and friends

3 Replies to “from Glenda & friends!”

  1. Hey Glenda, thank you for being a Garden Slug fan from Day 1..
    We’ll miss having you around.. Take good care of yourself in HK and drop us an email once in awhile 🙂 Keep in touch!

  2. Hello there, Sophia! Yeah, we must thank Glenda for introducing us to the Garden Slug….the mashed potato was so awesome that I ordered another serving – the second time round was much bigger…still can remember how yummy it is….will be back for more if I can make my way to the East Coast….cheers! All the best, all ye Garden Sluggers. 🙂

  3. Hey Alex! Thanks for supporting The Garden Slug… These days, we’re also open Mon & Tues, so do pop by. Next time, do introduce yourself ok? 🙂