Pancake ( singular) with syrup, please…

Meet Pancake 🙂 She’s the super manja fluffball that’s been ruling my household, hehe. A couple of weeks ago, Dennis ( of the “short shorts” fame) took some really lovely shots of Pancake at my place. So, if any of you slugphiles out there want some arty-farty wong-kar-wai type shots of your favourite friend, give Dennis a buzz at 93673670 … He’s a really affable guy who enjoys his craft, and is incredibly patient with animals and erm, slow-moving-human-vehicles. He’d actually spend time understanding his subject/s better before getting the right shot. Thank you Dennis!

5 Replies to “Pancake ( singular) with syrup, please…”

  1. WOW! Big advert from you here! LOL

    Thanks Sophia and most importantly, I am so happy you like the photos. Means a lot to me!

    I don’t know about short shorts! I don’t know what you are talking about! *frantically stuffs hotpants away into bag*

    Help me say hi to Pancakes! By the way, I got ya something…will pass it to ya when I hit the Slug!

  2. hey 1minutefilmreview! Im so utterly jealous that you saw Heima(Sigur Rós ) I Love Sigur Rós ! May I borrow your DVD? :-0