Love all Serve all- doing our bit ~13 May 2008 ( or we fed an NMP!)

We’re so happy & proud to say that The Garden Slug was one of the sponsors of the recent charity gala screening of the movie “Wilde”. The event was put together by the good folks of ( hello Jim and Tiff!) in a bid to raise funds for a community project .Remember Indignation07? It’d be back again 🙂 We created a healthy and chirpy cocktail spread which went along nicely with the selection of wine.

Some very prominent opinion leaders were there as well, to lend their support to a worthy cause.. We saw Mr Siew Kum Hong, NMP ( who came with his very pretty fiance.. ) , Glenn Goei etc.. And I saw Mr Siew eating our food!! It’s surreal, man! Now The Garden Slug can lay claim that Yes- we have fed a member of parliament. hahahaha.

Melon with greek herbed feta and stuffed olive on a pick! Jon slug had so many of these, he lost count. Then again, he lost count of almost everything after his 3rd glass of chardonnay. hic* :-0

Green & Orange Veg sticks sitting in zesty multigrain vinaigrette / Sweet shrimps in a tangy lemon garlic glaze with Frizzy leaves

Norwegian smoked salmon on Pumpernickel, topped with lowfat cream cheese and fresh chives / Grilled German bratwurst sausage knobs topped with zucchini and fire-blistered cherry tomatoes. Check out the white trays in the background! Instead of serving the food on plates, we created some paper placemats with Oscar Wilde quotes and placed them on trays. For tongue-tied nerds, it worked in other ways too- it helped them to break the ice with potential cuties too. Nervous Nerd: “Erm, hi! Have you heard of the oscar wilde quote, ” blah …. ** cue: read from tray placemat** hehe >

And hey, what’s a party without some fabulous sweets right? Plump ripe Strawberries dipped in fine belgian white chocolate. A perfect foil to the “slim pickings” hehe.

All in all , it went well, Thank You everybody for your hard work! Shout outs to the slugs who made this happen..We look forward to getting more involved in being “good corporate citizens” . This year, we have sponsored the food for 2 photography exhibitions and easter snacks for a nearby church.. If you have any ideas on what we can do next, let us know! We’re always happy to get involved wherever we can. ( Disclaimer/s : unless your event falls on Joe’s chiro days/Sharon’s lion-dance practising days/Sophia’s online scrabble days/Michael’s trouser-ironing days/Deepa’s eyebrow plucking days/Jon’s American Idol days- we’re probably good to go)

2 Replies to “Love all Serve all- doing our bit ~13 May 2008 ( or we fed an NMP!)”

  1. It was really a heartwarming thing to see all the colours of food prepared by you guys for this event, especially when its for an extremely good cause as well!

    Sophia, you look jolly happy and radiant after your 3rd glass of wine too! LOL Could tell you were enjoying yourself too!

    By the way, the sausage snack was a roaring success as usual, the feta cheese melon and olive was really refreshing and a very interesting combination! I really liked the sweet shrimps as well! All in all, a very tasteful and well planned cocktail spread! I was short of stuffing the leftovers home!

    Thanks for the great invite and also kudos to a job well done!


  2. OMG, plucking my eyebrow? SOPHIA! Heh, i’m into threading. Anyway, the pictures really look awesome.

    Now I can say,

    “Sophia, garden slug’s next top dennis”. 🙂