Michael in the kitchen

You all know Michael. That good-looking waiter of ours with the gentle demeanour, who speaks English, Mandarin, Burmese and perhaps even a bit of Thai. (Yes, you can have his number but you have to go through his three parents first: Sophia, Joseph and Sharon. We have a 7-step screening process. So don’t play-play hor.)

Michael started off as a floor staff, taking your orders and making your drinks (that most delectable hot mocha, yes, Michael makes it best!). He soon progressed to helping out in the kitchen as Kitchen Assistant (when your salads came out looking extremely well-organised, yes, that’s Michael).

A month ago we decided to start training Michael as a cook proper. In just a couple of weeks, Michael has mastered even the most demanding of dishes! We are duly impressed. Most of all, we are grateful to have Michael with us.

Next time you’re here, ask for Michael’s Pasta from the Sea, it is exquisite!

3 Replies to “Michael in the kitchen”

  1. I must give it to Joe & Sofia for being one of the best cooks I hav come across. And it is generous of you being able to part with and impart your well kept secret recipes to the next generation! Bravo!