Weekend Loungin’

Kelly & Ida wrote in with some very adorable pictures of what we now call “Handsome Harvey”.

We thought we should let you know that we are new fans of The Garden Slug and we regret that we didn’t know about the place sooner! Ida was googling around for pet-friendly places in the East (we just got our new dog Harvey about 3 weeks ago) and we found you.

We’ve been back religiously every weekend and it’s a must-do/must-go for us now.

The F&B’s fab, the crew’s fab and we adore the wonderful throwback to the 70s vibe. Keep it up.

Check out some pics we’ve taken in visits 1-5.

artsy shot of our glass wall

4 Replies to “Weekend Loungin’”

  1. Harvey was at the slug again today with the girls, and guess what? He was so kwai and so still under the table that I mistook him for a handbag! :-0 oops. kissykoo to Harvey, such an adorable lil’ pumpkin he is~

  2. I just found these links…. Haha, malu!

    Harvey’s not kwai at all. Esp not how he lunged at the poor Malay lady from the massage place on Wed nite.

    He just wanna play but just because he looks the way he does, people are terrified of him!

    Trust me. Harvey’s just k-siao king. He’s really harmless…