from Agnes & Bern

Agnes & Bern wrote in with some lovely pics!

Just had dinner @ The Garden Slug with my friend, Bern. Here’s some pictures that we took. Hope you like it.

Good food, good service. Keep it up!

Our all time favorites and what we always order – basket of warm panini bread with slab of cold butter =)

2 Replies to “from Agnes & Bern”

  1. Hey Agnes & Bern~ thanks for the lovely photos! You’re making us hungry.. hey, then again, we whipped up these dishes, so technically, we’re supposed to be sick of them?!!

    But we’re not- so i guess they DO taste good! hehe… I’m glad that you have your favourites…
    These are some of the slugs’ favourites:
    Sharon slug: Gooey Pasta/Steak. Michael Slug: Vegetarian Aglio Olio. Deepa Slug: Garlic herb pasta with grilled chicken*extra spicy! Elaine slug: Bangers and Mash/Brazilian Lambchops. Gerald slug: erm… he fancies anything! Chris Slug- grilled chicken and cranberry Panini… Joseph Slug:Vege Melt on multigrain bread. And my all-time 7day a week favourite- Old fashioned Chicken Broth! yum scrums…

  2. i love the dried scallops that you put in the chicken broth. Had it on friday and it was so homely.

    keep doing the mash potatoes the way slug is doing, its yummi-licious!