Congratulations Mandy Slug!

Mandy slug returned to her homeland, Hong Kong and set up a cute lil’ dessert shop with her cousins, Wylie & Ken. As you can see, Ken is a somewhat camera-shy, hehe. Wylie’s a researcher at the Kadoori farm in Hongkong, so she spends her days with plants and animals. I think that’s why they named the shop “Lok-kei ( or Lui4 ji4 for you hanyupinyin fans) Dessert Forest”.. Cool bananas!



The forest folks operate 7 days a week from 2pm till late. Give them a buzz at (852)69795156 – you dont need the 852 prefix if you’re dialing from a HK public phone..  Say Hi to Mandy slug ( and give her a bear hug) when you pop by Hong Kong ok? 🙂