We survived! – a quick update on our Boeing Boeing event on 14 Mar 2008

6am-230pm:We cooked 500 ” airline meals” in 8 hrs and 30 minutes and assembled them to resemble some SQ-esque trays.. AND WE DIDN’T DIE, OMG. Here’s a rough idea of the typhoon that swept thru the slug kitchen on Friday..

  • 25 kg of French beans and 35 kg of carrots to peel, chop and boil
  • 20 kg of pasta to boil and dress in sauce
  • 230 portions of pacific dory to grill
  • 230 portions of chicken Roulade to stuff and bake
  • 40 portions of Eggplant parmagiana to layer and bake ( yes-we are obsessed with the oven..)
  • 500 portions of mash and gravy
  • 500 muffins + choc fudge wedges …….
  • 7-slugs-in-a-pile ~~ Go go slugs!! ( Thank you Michael, Deepa, Malcolm and Izhar for working so hard- I cant believe that we hand-assembled 500 trays in 30 minutes! You sure you guys are not part-robot somewhere?hehe)

That was our biggest cook-out so far. Now, we can lay claim to the fact that we can cook for a party of 500. So bring on another one of these mother- of- all -parties. We live for challenges and thrive on making the (im)possible possible – as long as we have extra-strength bengay pain relieving cream. Wahahahah!!