Popcorn + Movies = Heaven ( with calories unfortunately..)

Hi folks! I’ll be away from 18th- 27th March for the www.hkiff.org.hk   I can’t wait!! I booked the tics first thing on 21st Feb as soon as their online programme guide was made available..  I really wanted to watch “Zoo” ( not for the faint-hearted) but I’ll be back at the slug earlier than Zoo’s run, so too bad.. Oh, and one of our favourite slugs- Mandy slug is opening a quaint little dessert shop in the Meifoo district in Hongkong on 23 March. I’ll be there to kaypoh and to take some delicious pics. Will keep you updated once I’m back. Meanwhile, do contact Joseph at HP 90064163 ( joseph@thegardenslug.com) or Sharon at HP 92257913 ( sharon@thegardenslug.com) if you need any help/info on our food and beverage/party planning services. See you later, alligator!

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