Home-Baked Wang Lai Tarts!

Our Totally Addictive Hand-crafted Pineapple Tarts are back by popular demand! And they are still lovingly handmade by my sister, Judy.

Elaine Slug enjoyed last year’s post about our pineapple tarts so much that.. we’re just gonna be lazy little sh indulge in her and just re-post here!

(A bit of background: I got a scolding from Judy for taking such crummy pictures of our pineapple tarts. Hence, the Pineapple Tart Artist took things into her own hands and sent us a pictorial lecture on how the tarts are lovingly handcrafted, from beginning to end.)

And now, we share with you Judy’s step-by-step on the entire painstaking process. Pictures by Judy, the Master Baker. Captions by Sharon Slug, the baking buffoon.

Step 1

Step 1: Mould the base into petal shapes with a twig and a sharpened stone. I’m guessing it looks yellowish ‘cos of the flour, eggs and butter of some snooty Danish/Belgian variety.

Step 2

Step 2: Schlepp on generous amounts of gooey pineapple mush. Don’t forget the itsy bits of, um, extra pastry on top. Just to make it look a li’l more festive.

Step 3

Step 3: Take a break. Step back and admire your work thus far. Take plenty of pictures.

Step 4

Step 4: Chuck ‘em in the oven. Make sure the oven light is on so you can occasionally check to see if they’re behaving.

Step 5

Step 5: IMPORTANT! Shut the grubby oven door, else they won’t bake!

Step 6

Step 6.1

Step 6: Beam like a proud parent. Take plenty of close-up shots… from all possible angles…

Step 7

Step 7: Ready to rock ‘n’ roll in your mouth like candy :-)

Time for shameless advertising now.

$26 for a 30-piece tub, and $38 for a 45-piece tub.

Place your orders by phone, come collect two days after. Some helpful numbers: 6346 0504 (the shop), 8138 7539 (Sophia Slug), 9006 4163 (Joe Slug), 9225 7913 (Sharon Slug).

Note: Our web server’s been acting a little funny lately, and we’ve yet to figure out why. So we’ve taken away the online ordering bit. We apologise sincerely for the inconvenience caused, if any.

2 Replies to “Home-Baked Wang Lai Tarts!”

  1. I love shameless advertising pics! ANd I love shamlessly digging my hands into the food tasting sample jar of pineapple tarts! They are great! Will buy some soon! After I finish tasting the whole jar! LOL

  2. Hullo Dennis shutterbug! The tarts ( Of the pastry variety haha!) will be ready for you by Monday 🙂 So just swing by to collect them ok? heheheh 🙂
    Just kidding.. Pop by anytime when you need a sugar lift !