salvador dali says Hi.

72 hours. ( Nope, not the amount of time Michael Slug takes to iron his numerous pairs of skinny jeans hehe) We had all of 72 hours to conceptualize and execute food for 80 people. And we pulled it off ! Go-go slugs! :-) Basically, we had to to bring out the essence of 6 individual brands and demonstrate what each brand represents
. On the day that our uber cool client briefed us, I noticed a photo of Salvador dali on their wall and the idea of ” Food as installation art” hit me. We suggested turning their media cupboard into a grocery larder of sorts! And guess what Mr uber cool said,” Cool idea. Let’s do it! “- And we did. Check out the pictures.” Monochrome , modern and just a little bit different” = little jars of Tri-layered dessert filled with a medley of unexpected flavours~ Dark Choc+ Vanilla+ chilli- lovingly handcrafted.

Well, we know that Laksa Pesto isn’t exactly the newest idea around but we thought that canning the homemade pasta would be quite a hoot! The Garden Slug became Amoycan this morning!

The Bar area- check out the containers for the drinks.. Some of us may remember the ice troughs from old fashioned drink shops back in the early 80s.. the drink shop uncle usually made huge blocks of ice from these troughs and used an icepick to to make smaller ice pieces. I’m actually old enough to remember. *darn*

” We want a feel of new luxe for this brand” – Wine-marinated Lychees stuffed with olives and skewered with sweet shrimps on carrot discs”

“New Luxe with a touch of elegance works for me”-Norwegian smoked salmon on dark rye with cream cheese and chive and coarse ground pepper.

“Think healthy, fresh and rejuvenating“- 1.Bamboo skewered Pan-seared tofu and Brocolli in a light honey mustard glaze dusted with hand-ground peanuts 2.White Grape juice with Cranberries-frozen-in-icecubes ”

Work on the colours Red and black for this hip and funky brand, think out of the box. 1.Grissini embellished with Chicken Bak kwa and Nori seaweed , fastened with boiled leek. 2.Pear Martini flavoured with exotic Cinnamon reduction in a test tube. Joseph slug outdid himself again with this kicka** concoction..

“This brand personifies comfort and straightforward enjoyment” – 1.Thick-crust Old fashioned Apple pie with toasted almond flakes. 2. Big trough of icy cold bottled beers. All we needed was a telly, hehe.

To welcome some very “thirsty” guests ( loads of shutterbugs) , we lined the champage flutes with candied hibiscus flowers. Once the bubbly was poured into the flutes, the hibiscus literally bloomed before our eyes, unfurling to reveal their syrupy petals. Sweet.

Depending on their alchy-metre, some guests opted for this delicious Spanish bubbly that we got from the fabulous folks at Wine Affaire ( whilst some were quite satisfied nursing their glasses of apple juice. Check out how the apple juice caught the shimmer from the warm lighting, I swear they look like clear amber from the baltic sea.

You can’t go wrong with the robust and smooth taste of a solid bottle of Merlot. Unless it’s a soothing ruby-red bottle of Valpolicella. Or a very even-bodied Shiraz Carbenet. Or a slightly spicy bottle of Barolo. Or… Haha

Nobody does sparkling water like the Italians. Nobody does sparkling water like the Italians. Do we need to repeat ourselves ?

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  1. when i saw “dali”, i thought i’d see squidink pasta made into dali’s moustache. LOL wahaha, or melted cheese ” clock ” and name it persistence of memory or something. hahaha GOOD SURPRISE from the AMOYCAN idea!! 😀

  2. i thought i’d see squidink pasta collected in a jar labelled with “dali’s moustache” or melted cheese with alphabetical macaroni like dali’s melting clock… like a step-into his collection of works. haha the twist was GOOD. GREAT JOB 😀 😀

  3. Hello Sharon Joie’s Friend – thanks for the kind words.

    Anyhoo, one of your comments got caught in the automated spam filter. Recovered it & reposted it. Sometimes the website goes a bit wonky (hence the need for manual intervention, occasionally), pls accept sincere apologies.

    We had a look at some of your photography via your blog, and we like what we see. We’ve contacted you regarding a possible exhibition at TGS. Have a think about it & hope you’re keen to work with us.

    Sophia, Joseph & Sharon (Not Exactly Joie’s Friend But Perhaps Joie’s Acquaintance Hi Joie Remember Me?)

  4. Hi! This is Sophia Slug, I really like the “twilight shots” of the foreign workers. Somewhere, it casts a certain amber glow on them. I think we all can be more aware of the plight of the foreign workers,and show them more empathy.
    Good job on the shots 🙂 Let me know if you intend to have an exhibition, I’ll be more than happy to launch it for you at the garden slug FOC. See you around!

    >> i just read, =.= sorry, am super slow (& joieboy’s gg ns. boohoo). btw, hmmm they all come in series actually, like the foreign workers piece, its actually a competition piece, circa2007, was exhibited at raffles city & ntu last yr. let me know which print u like, and u can hang it at slug like ikea’s poster? drop me a sms 98736787 (this way’s faster) 🙂