Happy Birthday to us!

We celebrated our 1st anniversary yesterday 🙂 Didn’t really go thru any fanfare as we were all swamped with Xmas pre-orders and events and kind of forgot about it. I know, how unfortunate.. Luckily, Chris slug remembered and came to our rescue with a cake and we still had a nice little do. There are so many people we want to thank. People who have contributed directly or indirectly to our little neighbourhood diner 🙂 Without you lovely folks out there, we would have gone back to our day jobs by now.

YOU trusted us. YOU made The Garden Slug happen. THANK YOU so much!

4 Replies to “Happy Birthday to us!”

  1. Thank YOU for bringing The Garden Slug into my life. Without it, I wouldn’t have met you good people, eat your good food and not to mention, the laughter! 🙂

    Congrats Slugs!! May you have many good years to come!

  2. hey super slugs! happy 1st!!! =)

    you all deserve a tap on the shoulder!

    wishing you more years of good food, friendships and laughters.