1/2 a traveller, 1/2 a tourist.

hey folks, am back… It was supposed to be a longer holiday but a slug just has to heed the call of the wild work. 🙂 Tokyo was a really quirky place, new yet old. Traditional yet right smack in the forefront of things. This was my 2nd visit to Tokyo but I guess it’s just one of those places that throws you a curve ball ever so often. Meanwhile, my brain’s already brewing up some nipponese (con)fusion recipes. I’m so in love with their food. * swoons* Enjoy the silly pics 🙂

7 Replies to “1/2 a traveller, 1/2 a tourist.”

  1. hi Joie ,Dennis and Meow…

    Yup, am working on them even as we erm… blog! We’ll probably start some items off as specials first. But whatever these items are, they will still be “Comfort food”… Fuss free and easy to share & enjoy with your love bugs 🙂 See you around soon ~

  2. Dennis ah… that Japanese-speaking sharon is one of our customers la… Quite confusing hor?

    Don’t anyhow talk naughty stuff and scare our regulars away, okay? hahaha