Now we’re bonafide art curators… of sorts!

We had a fantastic turnout for Dennis’ debut photgraphy exhibition, ” Sons”. The people came in troves and had a good time. People always seem to have a good time when there’s wine, pretty food and pretty people. A little shout- out to the sweet folks from who so kindly sponsored the delicious wine. By the way, the exhibition will still be on all the way from now to the end of November 07. Pop by to support Dennis ok?

 A bird’s eye view of the spread for the evening. We created a menu that was easy on the eyes, fuss-free to facilitate easy mingling and exchanging of views ( Not on the cpf issue of course, silly, even though personally I do think that the garmen…… oops ) The food was designed to be multi-textured and of different shapes and colours to reveal a contrast with the mostly B & W photos.

 We know that Dennis is a little camera-shy, so look, we’ve found a small lil’ pic of our favourite shutterbug..Isn’t he a cutie? For more info on Dennis and his craft, check out

And now the Food porn !!!


 Healthy & Tasty- yes- such a combinaton does exist!

The filling tastes almost like bolognese sauce.. delish~

 On average= 50 calories per cup. Or 48 calories if you’re like me and gave your Celery stick away. hehe.

Little morsels of spinach creamed with eggs and spices. They look like UFOs!

light and zesty. Just like my feline brain today. Except that it’s just light, not zesty. hehe

 ooooo… Time for wine and silly stories… we like!


3 Replies to “Now we’re bonafide art curators… of sorts!”

  1. I miss the food, the beef tarts especially. Hehe, not to mention the entire dessert spread, and the ham and cheese sandwich, bangers and mash, the peach soda, the hake fish, all day breakfast. Ok i might as well, list out the entire menu here. Hahaha.