“i want a tacky & obiang* cake “

 * obiang= kitschy , tacky

Yes- the cake that you see here is quite out of The Garden Slug’s character.. We usually do cakes that well… look like regular cakes. But one of our main service mantras is to make exceptions for our customers/friends.. As a joke, our favourite birthday boy wanted a cake that has old-fashioned wafer flowers ( remember those?)  So we got the stuff from a cake supplies shop in Tanjong Katong Complex and holy-macaroni, our not-too-sweet mango cake gets transformed into this! what a hoot!


4 Replies to ““i want a tacky & obiang* cake “”

  1. Err, wat happen to the bottom half of the doll??? Was it buried in the cake or *gasp* did u all chop it off!?

    but HAHAHA such cute request 🙂 Next time i will order mine princessy, all pink and lace…. up to a new challenge, slugs? 😛

  2. hey! it looks so cute.. anyway, why dun garden slug have creamy soups? like cream of mushroom, cream of chicken etc..

  3. hello ermm hello!

    Yup yup, we do serve creamy soups 🙂 Favourites included Cream of button mushroom with white wine ~ In fact we’re serving Cream of Roasted Garden Vegetables today ( It’s got grilled zucchini, colorful capsicum, mushrooms, celery and carrot fingers )

    We dont usually do Cream of Chicken though as we try to make our soups ” all-inclusive” , so that our vegetarian guests can have soup too! ( Paiseh, we only have 1 little soup warmer at the moment, we’ll work on getting another 1 soon! ) .. But if you fancy some chicken in your soup. Check out our Old fashioned Chunky Chicken Soup – it’s available daily and a favourite with both guests and slugs alike! Cheers + see u soon!