How “The Green Goblin” got banished

a very vegetarian pizza

I promised you the story behind The Garden Slug Pizza formerly known as The Green Goblin. A strange conversation took place at TGS one breezy evening:

Sharon: (while looking through the new pizza names) The Green Goblin??! (feigns shock and horror)

Sophia: Ya!!! I thought it sounds like a fun name!

Sharon: But he’s a bad guy!

Sophia: (deep in thought) Oh, I know, I know! How about “The Green Hornet“?

Sharon: Um… he’s not exactly very popular leh

Sophia: Oh! Oh! I know! How about “The Garden Gnome”? (eyes wide with genuine excitement)

Sharon: Well, if you must have the word “garden” in it, then why not call it The Garden Slug Pizza…

Sophia: Oh. Ya hor. Okay lor…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Chris rolls his eyes and Joe sits outside playing with Laura.

3 Replies to “How “The Green Goblin” got banished”

  1. I know green hornet! but we are from another era.. hahar . younger generation sure dunno wan. i used to watch it only for KATO!!!!!