Menu Revamp

1Smoked Ham & Sweet Grapes 2The Garden Slug Pizza

3The Ultimate Fish Sandwich 4The Garden Slug Mixed Grill

Pic 1 Smoked Ham & Sweet Grapes Pizza – a twist to the ol’ Hawaiian.

Pic 2 The Garden Slug Pizza – originally named The Green Goblin. There’s a story behind this one, we’ll tell you later.

Pic 3 The Ultimate Fish Sandwich – we like to think of it as a “sexed up version of the Filet-O-Fish”.

Pic 4 The Garden Slug Mixed Grill – a daily special on our glass window in its previous life, it has now made it as a permanent item on our menu due to popular demand.

Just a handful out of 17 new items [including 8 different types of pizza!] we’ve introduced to our revamped menu this month.

We take your feedback very seriously, and we hope you like what we’ve invented and re-invented, just for you.

Check out the entire menu here online, or download it here [MS Word] and here [PDF].

5 Replies to “Menu Revamp”

  1. hey! Thanks for your interest ๐Ÿ™‚
    1. We wanted a name with the word , ” Green” to denote that it is a Vegetarian pizza
    2. Ermm, I could only think of : Green peace ( boring……) Green finger( lagi boring…… ) Green Goblin !!!!

  2. so irritating … my lorsor comment got chopped off by WordPress. ๐Ÿ™

    Back to my Green Goblin story! ..
    Yup, so I thought it’s so cool to name one of the pizzas after a villian in Superman

  3. i meant ” Spiderman “. ( I hate wordpress )

    BUT Sharon Slug vetoed the idea of calling it a ” Green Goblin Pizza” ( ” So unappetizing leh.. ” ) So, now it’s simply called ” The Garden Slug Pizza” Garden = Green. Geddit ?
    Hey Pet Lover! Email me directly & i’ll send you a voucher for a Garden Slug Pizza on the house. Cheers!~