A passionate, young photographer named Dennis took some very nice shots of Joseph recently. And he sent us some more of his favourite Zesty Beef Salad and Old-fashioned Chicken Broth. And another one of a Cappuccino he had one evening. He makes our food look so glamorous. He calls his craft “fotocology”.

We’re in the talks with Dennis to hold an exhibition of his work at The Garden Slug soon. We love his work and we hope you will too. Watch this space 🙂

Photos by Dennis Chong Weng Kee

Cappuccino by Dennis Chong Weng Kee

Southeast Asian Iced Tea, Chicken Broth by Dennis Chong Weng Kee

a very sexed up Zesty Beef Salad by Dennis Chong Weng Kee

2 Replies to ““fotocology””

  1. Sharon,

    I am deeply honoured to be working with you on this exhibition and am really flattered by your write up here! I almost blushed and ran behind some walls to hide!

    Thank you for such a great proposal and it willbe a blast seeing the walls of The Garden Slug dressed up. Lets look forward to September!