Take-home Oyster Kit

The Garden Slug goes atas (ermm, somewhat lah)

Introducing our Take-home Oyster Kit!
Freshly-shucked, juicy & bursting with the sweet flavours of the sea! (not our local seas, don’t worry haha)

Your kit includes:
12 Fines de Claire French oysters
12 Fanny Bay Canadian oysters
Hot dipping sauce
Zesty Lemongrass dip
Lemon wedges
— Good for 2-4 people —

At $180 nett per kit (includes napkins and picks) – no GST / no CESS / no Service charge.
2 Business days notice required.

Take-home Oyster Kit!

Take-home Oyster Kit! closeup

12 Replies to “Take-home Oyster Kit”

  1. hello i just happened to come across this food blog and decided to browse around. naturally, i came to the latest entry i could find… this…oyster page.
    I was most horribly shocked when i saw the hefty price for this service.I mean…$180 for 24 oysters… your restaurant isn’t something really grand or luxurious, is it?Compared to other restaurants around Singapore.I can easily get oysters at a MUCH lower price.
    I would understand this price tag if your were a restaurant in a five star hotel or something, but this is totally wrong.A neighborhood eatery selling 24 oysters at $180? I definitely will NOT patronize your eatery.

  2. My Gawd!!! I totally agree with tobe’s comment. I went to the Hilton Hotel’s restaurant for a buffet dinner that had sea food (on Fridays). It costed about $50………it had ALL YOU CAN EAT NON SINGAPORE WATERS oysters. Plus a chef on hand to cleanse it for you and present it to you in a proper way.

    Plus if you went to the off shore seafood warehouses, they have fresh oysters for sale NOT FROM SINGAPORE too mind you and a really cheap price …………way lower than the $180 here at the slug.

    Tsk tsk ………… redecide your strategy slug ……. ALL your products are ALREADY horridly overpriced as it is …….. which is why I have stopped patronising your cafe together with a group of other people I know.

    And you wonder why you guys have slow business ………

    Geee I don’t know why!!

  3. I think most people would know that there’s a BIG difference between the sort of oysters the Garden Slug is offering, and those on offer at a $50 buffet. It’s like comparing a McDonald’s burger with a chateaubriand steak!

    I like the Garden Slug because of its flexible style….their dine-in menu offers good quality but fairly simple options….but if you want something more upmarket for a special event, they can cater for that too.

  4. yo Mr Lim, so your gonna buy the oysters? Do you know that I can purchase oysters from many top tier hotels in Singapore at a much lower price?

  5. hey tobe, i believe every restaurant has their right to price whatever they want for their food. IF you don’t like it, just don’t order from them. Why do you have to stop others as welll??

    anyway, i don’t think you are much of a oyster expert, if you are comparing these oysters with those in a buffet line and Fish and Co’s.

    just my 2 cents worth 🙂

  6. I too think that amount of $180 is too expensive for the oysters. I definitely would not buy it. I like oysters and have tried places with really fresh oysters at a much lower price. Indeed, the prices in Slug is considered expensive for a neighbourhood eatery. By the way tobe, you don’t write like an 11 yr old kiddo. Are you for sure?

  7. naw. i just googled the prices. if you want to eat them why dun you search the stuff on the net too? sorry. i cant really help you.

  8. Well, one simple sentence for both Tobe and Goodness.

    You don’t have to order these oysters from the garden slug if you find them too pricy for your pockets. But it’s not very nice of you to rant and rave abt how you feel about the price of oysters here. This is not a fish market where you can bargain price. Moreover, you don’t have the right to stop others to come to garden slug and

    p/s: Are you both an oyster experts? I bet you two are just an oyster sauce expert.