Just got back from Bangkok from my birthday weekend šŸ™‚
A big Thank You to the hardworking slugs for holding the fort.

I had a fun-filled couple of days in the land of rainbow smiles and probably packed on 1kg from all that delicious Thai food.

By the way, I learnt a new phrase during this past couple of days – “Donut opportunist“.

This conversation sounds almost like the Cheese royale bit from Pulp Fiction – surreal.

Sophia slug: It’s ridiculous how Singaporeans are crazy about donuts and queue up for an hour just to buy a box. Are you one of those?
The Donut Opportunist : Not all all. I’m just a donut opportunist. I just eat them when I can lay my hands on them.
Sophia slug: ??? Erm, ok.

And The Donut Opportunist proceeds to buy 3 mothership-sized boxes of Dunkin’ donuts! (check out the photographic evidence)

donut opportunist

This got me thinking. Shouldn’t we ALL be donut opportunists? Or Char kway teow opportunists? Or Zesty Beef Salad opportunists? (< --- hehe, must do some shameless plugging here!) Or better still, let's all be Joy Opportunists! When joy comes along, discard all fear of failure ( and/ or calories!! haha ) and go crazy with consumption. "Taste the sweet sweet donut of life, let not sugar, carb or fear of failure prohibit you" -sophia guru slug By the way, does anyone know what on earth's a Papaya PokPok?? papaya pokpok

2 Replies to “Sawadeeka!”

  1. ok ok, i kinda solved the mystery myself… Well, i googled it šŸ™‚

    Apparently, Papaya pok pok is actually Thai papaya salad.

    Their rationale is that when one is pounding away furiously at the herbs and juices that goes into the papaya salad- You can hear ” pok pok ” sounds coming from the wooden mixing mortar. Hence Papaya Pok Pok. Erm then, shouldnt it be Papaya Pok- Pok- pok pok -pok- pok- pok- pok. Wahahaahahaa.

    The Thais are just so incredibly cute lah, I tell you. šŸ™‚