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  1. Please let your customer know about parking at the paid car-park (if they are not using it). Please tell them to be aware of the danger and the law surrounding the issue of parking along the residential roads, especially those that lead to fire-hydrants. If there should be a fire and the fire engine failed to arrive at the scene on time and lives were lost, that would be very unfortunate and not good business practice.

    God bless your business.

  2. Dear folks,

    If you plan to drive to the Garden Slug at Telok Kurau for a meal, be mindful of parking along the roads around the residential area. Many cars have been booked by the police. The residents actively report all traffic situations to the relevant authority (i.e. traffic police and neigbourhood police). You may be lucky, once/twice, but don’t count on luck.

    The critical issue here is fire safety. Think of a building and see if you can recall why common corridors in the building must be cleared for emergency. Indeed, long before this restaurant appeared, the fire authority has the foresight to install fire hydrants at the end of several lanes at Lorong L for fire engine services. Thus these lanes double as fire engine access drive-ways; if a fire were to break out and the fire engine failed to arrive on time at the scene, because of vehicles blocking the road, innocent human lives would be lost.

    On these roads where the fire-hydrants are located, there are single and double law enforcement (yellow) lines. Depending on the road situation (e.g. if too many cars lined the road), you may be booked on single lines after 7 pm and on Sunday.

    However, the (cash-card) car-park at Bright centre is really dirt cheap (honest), considering that you can drive all the way to have a meal at the restaurant which could easily cost you tens of dollars. Alternatively, if you feel that paying for parking is unjustified, you could ask the friendly proprietor (Garden Slug) for a parking refund.

    Have a good time but be mindful of the traffic, fire-safety, and the residents.

  3. Hi neighbour !

    Many apologies for the late reply ~~ We had a busy weekend planning and cooking for Kayley and Bono’s parties

    The slugs thank you sincerely for your feedback on the traffic situation and definitely agree that motorists should be more aware of where they park their vehicles.

    Most of our customers do diligently park their cars in the Bright Centre carpark , some take public transport and the rest are mainly residents from the lorongs and from Still road and further down. (They usually cycle /walk)

    We have coached our staff on providing customers information on the nearest parking facilities and have also made the same info available on our website.

    Warmest regards

  4. To Mr Law & Order,

    My wife and I have been keeping up with this thread. It’s funny how you presume that the cars belong to customers of TGS. If you ask me, the Animal Clinic draws a very big crowd also because the doctor is one of the best in Singapore (have you seen the queue?).

    From here, it does sound like the Slugs are the only ones responsible for the “traffic situation” simply because they have a public blog where comments are viewable by all and sundry.

    We’re pretty sure if the animal clinic, hair salon, holistic studio, arts & crafts shop (Laine’s Papeterie, upstairs), pet shops, as well as the shops opposite bright centre like the Zen lifestyle shop and Chinchilla shop have their respective blogs/forums, the same comments would appear there too. We should check with all the shop proprietors of Bright Centre whether or not they’ve received any “concerned” e-mails from Mr Law & Order.