David Lim’s 60th Birthday Bash

We have to thank Gobbo for bringing her friend Joanna to TGS. Over the course of a light dinner, Joanna decided that our humble li’l diner would be the perfect venue for her Dad’s 60th birthday celebration.

After a few quick e-mail exchanges, the man himself Mr David Lim popped by TGS to talk about setting aside about 2sq.m. of our dining area for his band. We were like “You have your own band??” *swoon*

The date was set, the menu decided on, the “stage” was set, and before we knew it, David had 50 of his close friends & family packed into our li’l diner.

They started off the evening with some hymns, had some food, and proceeded to fill the night with much merriment. David and his excellent band played everything from Elvis, to the Beatles to Teresa Teng, and we must say they do play well.

Here are some of our favourite photos from the event, as well as some video footage of the band’s “fangirls” doing the agogo!

the spread

Bruschetta Nicoise Salad (Tuna) Spicy Wedges Polish Sausage Kebab

Dancing in the moonlight