Texture: Hair and Nail Lab

A hair salon literally sprang up overnight just next door to us. They’re about our age (read: YOUNG! hehe).

Today was their first day of business, and they held their opening ceremony at our humble little diner for about 40 guests.

Okay, less talk, more photos! [ click on image to enlarge ]

Our signature Wasuga Wings resting atop sliced tomatoes with touch of rosemary to make them wings look purdy.

Tasty nibbles

Grilled chicken, tomatoes, cheese, bread. You can’t go wrong. Try it at home!

Mmm. Salmon.

Enough of the wholesome, rustic stuff. We decided to go a bit upmarket with this one. Mm hmm.

Crowd pleasers.

Polish Sausage Kebabs! Always the crowd pleasers.

Not alcoholic enough to get you tipsy.

Pretty tiramisu maidens, sitting in a row.

Brownie Popsicles make you pop.

Our signature Brownie Popsicles, standing like soldiers!

Demure. So demure.

Bite-sized Peach Cheesecake, looking so demure.

The entire ensemble!

The entire ensemble!

Entire ensemble II

It was fun, fun, fun for everyone.

Texture : hair and nail lab

Thank you Leo and Ginn for choosing to open your shop at Telok Kurau and for holding your opening buffet at our place. Welcome to the neighbourhood!

We hope our friends, blog readers, and customers will come check them out too. All in the spirit of supporting young entrepreneurs! 🙂