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Say Hi to Super R ( otherwise known by her earthly name of Rachel hehe) – Linda & Janice 🙂

Here’s the low down on the 3 lovelies.. Rachel is a IT geek-extraordinare who has a special gift for taking pictures that are intentionally/ unintentionally on soft focus. Her special talent is eating pasta with her dessert platter simulataneously. On a serious note- Thanks for bringing your friends to our humble lil’ joint and being so supportive..We love u Super R!

Hiya Linda ! Linda’s from the faraway ( brokeback) mountains tucked in Canada and hey, she’s an IT guru too! Nah, she’s actually from cosmopolitan Vancouver. Nearly got you there! 🙂 We seem to be meeting so many IT gurus of late.. The lucky girl just visisted Angko Wat last week, am terribly jealous! ( ** Jessie- when are we going again!? It’s been 5 years post Cambodia! **)

And finally meet Janice. The strong and silent one.. She’s pretty much an exponent in rock climbing I heard. We like macho maidens, truly! ( The only climbing the slugs have been doing of late is climbing out of bed , fashionably toussled bedhead included haha )

These 3 lovelies came all the way from the West to dine with us at The Garden Slug, and we’re really flattered 🙂

And guess what ? Super R is popping by tonite with her gang from her office. We’re truly floored !

8 Replies to “Super R”

  1. hey hey hey! what do we have here?? hahaha nice photo! opps..i mean nice entry =)

    thanks for this super slugs! really touched by the gesture. (*teary-eyed now* hehe)

    seriously, if only i could let the whole singapore know of your place, i will do so….good (and healthy!) food, reasonable price, great (and super cool!) ambiance, super personalized customer service and super duper cutie accommodating slugs, what more can you ask for?

    still cant get over your zesty beef salad,

    looking forward to trying 23 to 50 in your menu. =)

  2. hey LC & E !

    Many thanks for your kind support over the months as well 🙂
    We’re touched and truly appreciative~~ Just that I never quite had many opportunities to capture your mug shots … So next time when you pop by the garden slug, watch out!! There’d be a hidden cam somewhere.. You’ve been warned!

  3. no need to take picture of me lah. the picture of greedy slug stuffing her face with food looks very much like me actually… the same short hair and all.. haaha