Spinach Pasta

… with pan-seared Prawns & Mushrooms in a rosemary tomato sauce.

yum scrums

Yep, that’s our Special for this weekend. It’s a little bit sweet, and the rosemary brings a wonderful fragrance to the dish. The sauce is light, not meant to be too clingy or starchy. We can always do away with the rosemary if you’re not a fan of it. Anything is customisable!

We always sample our own food before it gets to be on the menu/ Today’s Special, and we give each other feedback on how the dish can be improved before the final product is presented to our diners.

Sharon is usually the happiest participant in our food tasting sessions. Today, thanks to my stealth photography skills, we caught Sharon Greedy Slug in action!

Sharon Greedy Foong the glasses had to come off! steam!

Tsk tsk. Look at that happy greedy slug. The glasses had to come off ‘cos it was fogging up from the steam!

11 Replies to “Spinach Pasta”

  1. Anything is customisable!

    really? ermm..can i order spinach pasta with greedy garden slug instead of prawns? heheh πŸ˜›

  2. Yip, that is absolutely possible, given 2 days advance notice ( I’ve got to buy a very big pan ) We can give u a bulk discount on it too~

  3. no need big pan lah. the greedy slug isnt that big afterall. just chop it up into smaller pieces will do πŸ˜€

    hmm..t-bone/tulang steak with spinach pasta…