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Due to popular demand, we’re making our Brazilian Lambchops (Marinated in a wine and garlic sauce, served with chunky mint pesto dip) a permanent item in our menu.

Some other exciting additions to the family:

Battered Ocean Hake – firm-fleshed white fish in a light batter, served with homemade tartare sauce

The Ultimate Steak sandwich– 250 grams of premium Ribeye grilled to perfection, clasped between 2 slices of toasted bread- layered with buttered mushrooms and gooey mozarella cheese

Grilled Buttermilk chicken with Orange glaze – Pan-grilled tender boneless chicken glazed with a light citrusy sauce

Mushroom Munchkins – plump, battered button mushrooms with wholegrain honey mustard sauce by side

Stove-top Tomatoes with Mozzarella – tomato halves grilled to sweet perfection, topped with melted Mozzarella and a splash of Balsamico

Just to name a few.
The entire menu is available for download here:

The Garden Slug Menu.pdf

The Garden Slug Menu.doc

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