everyone went home happy

Faizah started off with a simple breathing exercise. A quick sampler of how proper breathing technique can calm a person down and help one deal with anger, hurt, stress…

Affable John explaining on what can be done to make a household more Vaastu-compliant…

And of course, everyone listened with rapt attention to Sheila R. on how to dispel nightmares with salt water and other stories.

We had a bigger turnout than expected. The event also lasted longer than expected as our guests stayed on to mingle, exchange namecards as well as help themselves to more food & drinks.

Stay tuned for food p0rn from Sophia the Recipe Engineer! 🙂

2 Replies to “everyone went home happy”

  1. The mailing list I promised is still in the making. Can’t seem to get it to work properly yet.

    Akan datang, akan datang! 🙂