New homepage layout?

I was talking to a customer last night and she actually said, “Hey, go update your blog now!”

I’ve come to think of blogging as me talking to myself during off-peak hours. I still haven’t quite gotten used to the idea that people actually read this stuff.

So here’s the update. I’ve been working on a new homepage layout, but I’m not quite sure of it, so I thought I’d ask you what you think.

Click here to view it. (The links don’t work, it’s a test page.)

Place your votes here, just for fun. You may also leave us a comment or two or twenty 🙂


new layout yo



[ Note for closet geeks: I spent half the day trawling the web for a suitable polling system that works with WordPress. I installed and tested a few and they sucked weren’t very good, but Democracy here works like a dream. Yowzar! ]

3 Replies to “New homepage layout?”

  1. wei… why dun u start the new website look from scratch. then u open it up to suggestions la, everyone can hv a say in wat features they wld like to add to the site.

    like me,for example , i think is great if u can hv a section for recipes? or like a recipe archive , sumthin like that wld be cool ya… let me know wat u think?