No fluff, just luff

This is my favourite blog post so far.

The lackadaisical afternoon sun crept in lazily and swept across the vintage floor tiles of Slug
I could not help but heave a sigh of relaxed relief…the new western diner, theGardenSlug was just cafe zen mecca
There was no time pressure, there was no clanking of noisy glasses, there was no rush rush, there was no attitude
There was personal and friendly service, there was K.D Lang at the background,
There was homecooked food in the foreground, there was so many reasons to chat and laugh.
Modern isolated haven, old fashioned wholesome heaven, casual romance, romantic casual…No fluff, just luff.

I think the author has captured what we are and hope to be, both in words and in pictures.

Thank you, babymicrophone.

p/s: I must say, our textured wall looks great, even in monochrome! hehe 🙂

One Reply to “No fluff, just luff”

  1. Oh my! I din know I was being quoted here!

    You are most welcome! I love ur place and food! If u need artistic fotos to decorate or spruce up, lemme know=)