Laptop On Fire

laptop on fire

It’s my fault. I’m so sorry you have not been able to access the blog these past three days, and it’s all my fault. (~~ Nerd speak ahead).

I wanted to upgrade our blog’s machinery to the most recent release of WordPress. Apart from it being named after Ella Fitzgerald, I was also attracted to some of its exciting new features.

So I followed the instructions, performed the upgrade, and then our bright orange & green blog completely disappeared. Some of you may have already seen the lovely white page with six lines of gibberish, when all you wanted was to find out this week’s specials. I am so sorry.

The next few days were spent desperately trying to get the old blog back. At some points I nearly succeeded, but ’twas only half the blog it used to be. I’m not an expert in these things, but fortunately I’m blessed with a certain degree of patience. (Mama always said, if you ain’t smart, you best be patient. Okay, Mama never said that. I did.)

Three sleepless nights, non-stop fiddling with files, folders, code, setting my laptop on fire, whatnot… the blog is back. So now, I’m a genius.

Sophia chucked chillies onto my laptop while I was busy resuscitating the blog. How rude. These chillies are meant to go into our award-winning Zesty Beef Salad dressing.

I’m sorry if the Zesty Beef Salad may have slight hints of iBook after this. It’s Sophia’s fault.

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