Online booking

After much weeping and gnashing of teeth on your part, we have finally taken heed to your requests to implement an online payment system for special occasions and other assorted things.
You may now make reservations (and payment) for your Valentine’s and Chinese New Year celebrations online-ly.

Gift vouchers are also available online-ly.

See how much we love you.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in e-mailed, telephoned, and even those who kindly gave us feedback while tucking into your Brownie Popsicle. We love it that you’re constantly helping us to improve.

4 Replies to “Online booking”

  1. Got mailing list not? I think it will be useful, especially for regulars. Then, for e.g. hor, if you guys close for the day, can send out alert too, cos customers might not come to this site, or come on time to check out the latest announcements.

    – Esther (Elsie’s friend lah haha!)

  2. Noted! Give us a few days to work on it… You’ll be the first one on the mailing list, okay? 🙂

    – sharon (Elsie’s friend also haha)

  3. ooh….. me too! me too!! i also wanna be on the mailing list!

    – Elsie (Elsie’s…. well, herself really) =P