usher in the new year

We’ve had a fabulous Christmas so far! Why? Because our little place is all booked up, and the plates come back clean – not a morsel left behind.

Tomorrow night we pop the champagne (thanks Lisa!) and pat ourselves on the back. It feels like months… it’s hard to believe we’ve only been open for two weeks. And we finally close shop to take a day off on Tuesday (26 Dec).

Meanwhile, busy yourself with our New Year’s Day menu. Spam everyone you know! hehehe…

Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

and happy new year

5 Replies to “usher in the new year”

  1. hi there, i came in the other day with N and Sab, awesome, love this place.. and love this food blog even better… keep this pictures going!! hugs.

  2. Hey Jo, it was really good meeting you the other day. Hope to see you again soon πŸ™‚ I hope you will love the food too, not just the place and the blog! hehe

  3. We r giving ur namecards away and will be dropping by again real soon. I was thinking, if you guys would accept and blog guest’s pictures (like, those pics we took at ur place), like, hey look, that’s what they had and they enjoy themselves too!! Something like that.. haha… Anyway, you people still have time to blog? *Faint*