I won’t be going home this Christmas

from behind the curtain

Over the past twenty-odd years, I’ve spent almost every Christmas with my immediate and extended families. Each family cooks a special dish, there is always plenty of wine, a piano, a few guitars, merriment, and Granny insisting that we open our presents only at the stroke of midnight.

This year, one of my uncles had a stroke. My family will be spending Christmas at his home in Penang, instead of Kuala Lumpur where we usually congregate every year. I won’t be making my way there because a) I can’t afford the air fare and b) there is plenty of work to do at The Garden Slug.

Sophia, Joseph and I have spent several afternoons (we skipped our nap-time!) creating two special menus for Christmas – a dine-in menu and a takeaway/delivery menu. To be very honest, I’m quite excited about it. There is no greater satisfaction than being able to feed people, and feed them well!

Soph and Joe’s respective families have visited our little diner several times since our opening. I can’t help but feel a slight tinge of envy and loneliness. Since I have no family here, I hope you’ll share some Christmas cheer, warmth and stories with me when you visit. Tell me stories, I love listening to stories 🙂

[update: Fixed the links to the menus. Must’ve been too sleepy. Thanks Alison and Ernie.]