Inspection Day – live update

We were here till 3am this morning doing up all the finishing touches. It is now 10.05am and the place is finally ready, or at least we hope it is.

We are waiting for Mr Chiang to arrive (NEA officer in charge of Southeast region) with his li’l list of “requirements”. We’ve done our best to fulfill all that is expected of a Class III eating place (base of dishwashing sink at least 12cm above ground? Check. Separate sinks for vegetables, meats, dishes, staff hand-washing, mops etc.? Check. Kitchen area at least 8sqm? Check. ) I’d love to list them all but I haven’t quite had enough sleep. Maybe another time. Fingers & toes crossed, we pass the inspection and receive our food licence today. And then we’re good to go!

The landlords, building management committee, and neighbours have been very kind to us from day one. They’ve already popped by several times this morning just to see how we’re doing … It seems like they’re even more “kan cheong” (anxious!) about the inspection than we are!