And the winner of Project Runway is… Me!

project runway contestant wannabe

It’s me in a futile attempt to ‘put together’ a sarong. Didn’t quite work out though, the sarong was way too long to go round the tiny sewing machine.

Had to pay the nice aunty at Siglap Centre $5 to hem it up eventually.

3 Replies to “And the winner of Project Runway is… Me!”

  1. i love project runway too, fabulous clothes and fabulous contestants! Where did you get that cute little sewing machine?

  2. i will download tis pic and when u get famous in a few yrs time with thegardenslug. i will publish and sell this off to yr fans hahah

  3. me famous?
    Not likely. Don’t think I’ll ever get on the cover of “Dare” magazine. But ermm, you better hang on to that downloaded pic, just in case. hehe.. 🙂
    How’s Egypt?