13 new dishes to feast on this Christmas

Red Wine Beef Casserole by The Garden Slug, Christmas

Braised Italian Meatball Casserole by The Garden Slug, Christmas

Spicy Aglio Olio con Funghi by The Garden Slug, Christmas





A goodly part of the delight of a Christmas meal is in the cheerful hum of voices, the steaming kettle, the cup that cheers, and shiny plates with satiny surfaces catching every light.

Also a solid dining table and linen white as almond blossoms. Maybe a pine tree silently blinking in the corner guarding gift-wrapped surprises at its feet.

Tender Boneless Chicken Confit by The Garden Slug, Christmas

Chunky Veggie Pasta Salad by The Garden Slug, Christmas

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms by The Garden Slug, Christmas





The meal itself, to be at its best, should be prepared carefully and skillfully. Many discerning matriarchs (and patriarchs) entrust their holiday meals to The Garden Slug every year.

In it, the constant thought is not “how quick” but “how well”. But with all our care, we do save time for you too.

Signature Oven-grilled Wasuga Wings by The Garden Slug, Christmas Rich and Gooey Manuka Honey Pie by The Garden Slug, Christmas Trufflish Dark Chocolate Mud Cake Logcake by The Garden Slug, Christmas






This year, we provide 11 tried-and-tested Yuletide favourites and a couple of new ones, like the “I Am A Log Cake!” log cake and our personal favourite —an addictive, rich & gooey camomile & Manuka honey pie lightly snowflaked with sea salt.Honey Rosemary-rubbed Turkey Breast by The Garden Slug, Christmas

The pièce de résistance being, of course, the honey & rosemary-rubbed turkey breast…. it is not only (naturally) juicy, but also completely boneless, making it the most hassle-free turkey carving you will ever have the pleasure to experience.


An ‘early bird‘ fare awaits behind this link.
And for the pickya delightful array of choices beckons.

But be quick, delivery slots are limited and filling fast.

Christmas 2014 Early Bird Special, The Garden Slug

Christmas Kit & Caboodle by The Garden Slug

Snowman Santa Christmas Dance

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Summer, the lady of my dreams

summer pasta with truffle dressing
since i first set foot in this glorious land, i do not know that the heat will agree with you dear friend
but i know that you would share my enthusiasm for the people
if only i could convey to you the true wonder of the scene
the scent of cinnamon and saffron heavy on the warm air
she was wearing a simple dress, and her shawl against the sun
the colour of pomegranate blossom
she needed no other ornament
the simple perfection of her face and the beauty of her smile
i cannot describe
all i know is that with one look
and one look alone
i was hers

~ Summer Pasta with truffle dressing, crudités, nori, edamame and fresh white button mushrooms

summer pasta with truffle dressing

summer pasta with truffle dressing

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Artisticiti II: A charity auction in aid of The Children’s Wishing Well

Carefully and artfully curated by Youths: Reloaded!, Artisticiti is a charity art auction in aid of The Children’s Wishing Well.

About Youths: Reloaded!

elements mixed media on canvas, 45.5cm x 61cm by Anjum Motiwala

mixed media on canvas, 45.5cm x 61cm
by Anjum Motiwala

Youths: Reloaded! is an initiative started in conjunction with Citibank-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) to raise funds and awareness for The Children’s Wishing Well.

It is, believe it or not, a three-member team of 17-year-olds (Calyn, Carina and Jun Peng) who are in their final year at St Joseph’s Institution Senior School.

These younglings are passionate in serving the community, especially in helping disadvantaged children in Singapore.


About The Children’s Wishing Well

digitiff acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 60cm by Safaruddin / Dynstarr

acrylic on canvas, 50cm x 60cm
by Safaruddin / Dynstarr

The Children’s Wishing Well is a service charity that is dedicated to serving young children, with a focus on relieving poverty and the advancement of education.

The charity provides food, financial assistance, counselling and educational support, as well as improving living conditions. They aim to help youths in transition by recognising their uniqueness and fostering self-worth.

A few of TCWW’s intiatives include:

  • The Children’s Wishing Well, an online equivalent of a magic wishing well that allows disadvantaged students to express their real needs and allows them the opportunity to fulfill them.
  • Lunch Box Fund, a programme that provides free lunches for underprivileged primary and secondary students daily.

About Artisticiti II

the lost golden coin by Deusa Bluemke mixed media, 61cm x 91.7cm by Deusa Bluemke

the lost golden coin
mixed media, 61cm x 91.7cm
by Deusa Bluemke

Currently showing at The Garden Slug until the end of the year, Artisticiti II is a charity art exhibition in aid of The Children’s Wishing Well.

The exhibited works are all originals, created by artists of diverse backgrounds in a wide range of styles.

Earning not one cent, the artists have very kindly donated their work to help the children in need.

The exhibition aims to seek potential buyers to purchase these works of art and to contribute to The Children’s Wishing Well.



To purchase any (or all!) of the artwork, come by and enjoy a coffee or a hearty meal indoors while you reflect and bask in the viscerally intense yet comforting glow of these heartfelt works of art.

Once you’ve found the one that calls out to you, make haste! — contact the Youths: Reloaded! team at youthsreloaded at gmail dot com and indicate

  • the name of the artwork
  • your name and contact number

Do kindly give the sweet young things about 3 days to get back to you, as they’re juggling all of these in between final exams and ECAs. Bless their souls.

When you’ve finalised your payment details, collection can be made at The Garden Slug, or the team can also arrange delivery to your doorstep.

Terms and Conditions:
Price of each artwork is fixed.
Once an order is made, no exchange and/or refunds are allowed.

Artisticiti II @ The Garden Slug

Artisticiti II @ The Garden Slug

Artisticiti II @ The Garden Slug

Artisticiti II @ The Garden Slug

Artisticiti II @ The Garden Slug

Artisticiti II @ The Garden Slug

Artisticiti II @ The Garden Slug

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Honey Lemon Lime -vs- Honey Orange Lemon Lime : who will win?

Fit Food by The Garden Slug

Guest post by the adorable Chong Yang Slug

Fit Food by The Garden Slug

Honey lemon and lime has always been a bestseller, one of the more popular drinks with its refreshing taste of sweetness and sourness. It’s tasty, the kitchen staff loved it, I loved it; it’s just a good thirst quencher.

Ye olde hot honey lemon lime

Ye olde hot honey lemon lime

U R old news now lulz

U R old news now lulz

Until now…. when two new contenders entered the competition – the Strawberry Basil and the Honey Orange Lemon Lime (and salt) drinks. Long stories short, Strawberry Basil isn’t the main focus of my tall (beverage) tale – it’s Honey Orange Lemon Lime (and salt).

Jeng jeng!

Jeng jeng!

By the way to side-track a little, I do find it ironic that for a place called “The Garden Slug”, we’re using salt in our dishes and drinks. That’s because salt is a desiccant.

What is a desiccant, it is a dehydrating agent. Now what does this have to do with slugs? 90% of the slug’s body is made out of water.

By pouring salt onto a slug, you perform a reaction called “osmosis” which would literally suck all the water out of the poor thing, killing the slug in an instant. In other words salt should be banned!

"By the way, is that sea salt?" asked the bourgeois.

“By the way, is that sea salt?” asked the bourgeois.

Okay now that I’ve satisfied my ADD let’s get back to the main topic.

Ever since Honey Orange Lemon Lime (HOLL) came into sales, it seems as if everybody drinks it nowadays, overshadowing the once popular Honey Lemon & Lime (HLL). What makes HOLL so special that HLL had failed to captivate its customers nowadays?

Maybe the inclusion of orange juice is the selling point for HOLL because it is an additional ingredient used. I swear that I’ve pressed so many more oranges ever since this drink was introduced into the menu.

Is it also because of the use of salt? Salt, if taken in moderation is healthy because without salt we cannot even function properly. Isotonic drinks are used to replenish the fluid and electrolytes lost in our bodies after doing strenuous physical activities.

This is also the period where The Garden Slug is “pandering” to the fitness junkies after all, what’s better than to create a couple of drinks catered to them.

C'mere you sexy thang

To actually talk about the difference despite both drinks having almost the same ingredients, they are both different in their own way. Honey lemon and lime is classified as a comfort drink, adding a nice taste to it while the honey orange lemon lime is an isotonic drink, considered to be a healthy drink for sportsmen/women.

So I won’t really say which is better, I still love my honey lemon lime anyways.

I guess people just want more value on their products. Orange and salt, who would have known.

-Ng Chong Yang

Chong Yang is an aspiring writer who works part-time at The Garden Slug. He is currently working on a collection of short stories that is slated to be published end of this year.

Look for the bicyclist logo on our main menu
Eh, go exercise a bit.. get your makan kakis together and cycle to The Garden Slug lah.

But cycle-cycle oredi confirm very thirsty one. You’ll need more than one drink for sure! So, your second Fit Food beverage* is on us.

You’re welcome ^_^


*offer is good until 31 December 2014
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When Unicorns Cry

Somebody out there is crazy enough to think our crude li’l bakery Dough Empire is going to become a “Future Classic”.

LOL WTF SRSLY? Check back in 10 years time and see, k. 

LOL WTF SRSLY? Check back in 10 years time and see, k.

Dough Empire - the anti-bakery. Bake Love, Not War

Shameless advertorial: Visit www.DoughEmpire.com to find out why we are the anti-bakery

I dunno what they’re smoking but they invited Dough Empire to be part of some ‘designery’ event at … the National Design Centre, of course, duh.

IKR? Cray cray.

IKR? Cray cray.

They even asked us to give a talk! Not one, but two! LAWL!! Have they even MET us?? The only thing we’ve got going for us is that our baker Joseph is quite the eye candy. That’s about it, honestly.

The VIP (Very Important Parts) specially highlighted for those with Old Flower Eye syndrome, just like us

The VIP (Very Important Parts) specially highlighted for those with Old Flower Eye syndrome, just like us

Whatever you do, DO NOT come at 3pm to see us make fools of ourselves.

Just to troll everyone, we’re gonna bake some stuff that’s not even on our online store yet, put it in a box and call it “When Unicorns Cry – The Dough Empire Medley”. The boxes will be in 3 different sizes – basic, deluxe and premium, packed in environmentally-friendly unbleached canvas tote bags.

(this one example picture onli)

(this one example picture onli)

Like any other evil capitalist trying to “do the right thing”, we’ll donate a few cents of our gazillion dollar sales to our favourite cat lady Elaine of Love Kuching Project, and our favourite bleeding-heart-socialist Carrie of Daughters of Tomorrow.

That hipster enuff for the event, you think? We’re hoping to see more tai-tais than hipsters to be very honest. Becoz Aunty Killers ‘R’ Us.

See youse there ~ stay awesome Gotham


Organised by Kapok Singapore (they must REALLY be smokin sumthin)

Hosted at National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road

13-14 Sep 2014


Are rainbow cakes really made of unicorn tears? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, and we might just pick one of you to receive a deluxe box of When Unicorns Cry.

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I’m going to give away a $329.8 Christmas Party Pack to one of you

Christmas Sweepstakes

This Braised Italian Sausage Meatball Casserole in a comforting cumin-roasted Tomato Stew could be on your dining table