Sharing Platters for Father’s Day – 19-21 June 2015

Have a bear-y good Father’s Day weekend with your Papa Bear and our carnivorous Bear Grills platter, hearty homemade soup, and some sweet endings
Fathers Day Special June 2015

☎ Call 86888575 to book a good table ahead of others
Reserve online – quick & easy

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Jaime Wong makes us want to crawl on the floor and weep for days (and that’s actually a good thing)

“Listening to Jaime Wong is like sitting down across a close friend somewhere by the water. You’re drinking beers, maybe, looking out at the view, and something in your heart clicks open like the latch of a door. It’s a quiet sense of contentment, a feeling of certainty that you couldn’t be anywhere else, and an immediate connection with the person right before you. You stop. You listen.”

photo © Jaime Wong Music

☹ We’ve had “Skin” on repeat and now all we want to do is crawl on the floor and weep for days. And that’s a good thing. Because it pretty much sums up Jaime’s immense talent in writing about life, death and love (or the lack of it). (((Mostly the lack of it…..)))

photo © Jaime Wong Music

☔ If you’re into caress-my-bare-wrist-slowly-with-a-rusty-blade sort of music (not an exaggeration), this Friday evening is the time to indulge your week’s worth of pent-up emox-ness.

photo © Jaime Wong Music

Reminiscent of Bic Runga in her earlier darker days, Jaime performs originals, covers, all by herself, on a dim patio, with faint drumbeats provided in unison only by each of our broken foolish hearts, under some lonesome stars.

☰ Friday 5 June, 8pm ☰
☰ Café Kapok (111 Middle Road, National Design Centre) ☰

photo © Jaime Wong Music

★ Venue kindly sponsored by kapok singapore
☆ Drown your sorrows in whiskey, wine, coffee, beer by Café Kapok
★ And if you can still bring yourself to eat amidst all that emo-ness, Dough Empire and The Garden Slug will be popping up there to provide napkins for tear-drying and nose-blowing, and perhaps once we’re done bawling our eyes out we might cook some food, too.

☎ Call 6694-2943 or e-mail to book a good table where nobody can see you sobbing your heart out

♬ More about Jaime Wong: Official Website | Bandcamp

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The Garden Slug’s new operating hours

Hey everyone, we haven’t been blogging a whole lot because Instagram is the new blogging. Just a quick one to let you know we’ve tweaked our operating hours very slightly.

We’re now open for dinner only from Mondays to Thursdays, and all-day dining is available all weekend from Fridays (11am-10pm); and Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays we open 9am-10pm.
TGS new opening hours wef 2 June 2015

Our WTF platter is still available every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6pm-9.30pm.

still WTF!

still WTF!

And 1-for-1 beers still available every Thursday 6-10pm.
Thirsty Thursday Beer 1  for 1

If you’re still “old school” that way and still read blogs like these, we have a new menu to announce very soon, and in a couple months perhaps a new dining concept altogether. Stay awsum Gotham.

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Special weekday deals – WTF lunch sets and 1-for-1 alcohol!

A different little something awaits you no matter which day you visit. Our little way of saying thanks :)

Monday to Friday specials at the garden slug

What’s in the WTF Menu ~~ lunch specials every Wed, Thu, Fri, 11am-3pm
new WTF menu

Call 86888575 to book a good table
Or reserve online
Or just walk in! :)

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A livelier TGS in 2015

new new new new year's resolutions
The Lunar New Year is as good as any other new year to start working our way down our new year resolutions (we’ll show you the full, actual list another day!)

The first item on the list is to organise ‘live sessions‘ right here at The Garden Slug. As some of you might know, we already built a solid, wooden stage for such a purpose. The plan is to have live music performances every fortnight from February.

Mae & Jude live at the garden slug Fri 27 Feb, from 8pm

Mae & Jude
live at the garden slug
Fri 27 Feb, from 8pm

We kick-started it with the whimsical, spontaneous, acoustic duo “Mae & Jude” on Valentine’s Day eve and V-Day to serenade them lovebirds.

13th Feb was a lively, somewhat rowdy set with many a goosebump-inducing love dedication and some rather unusual song requests… Like the cup song (a.k.a. “When I’m Gone”)… which Mae sportingly agreed to perform a capella, and she did so beautifully might we add, with one of our plastic cups. Ya.. one of the audience members asked us to pass Mae a plastic cup… -_-” Naughty, rite?

14th Feb was more mellow, with love song dedications and a more relaxed ambience. When they messed up, they made jokes about it and there was great audience interaction and laughter all around.

Mae & Jude live at the garden slug 13-14 Feb 2015Mae & Jude live at the garden slug 13-14 Feb 2015
Mae & Jude live at the garden slug 13-14 Feb 2015Mae & Jude live at the garden slug 13-14 Feb 2015

We love how Mae & Jude change up The Cranberries, Lady Gaga and Foster The People songs into something soothing and chill, befitting the occasion. Jude’s easygoing guitar and Mae’s warm timbre also effortlessly revive Ella Fitzgerald and Frankie Valli with a contemporary spin.

So, we’re bringing Mae & Jude back on Fri, 27 Feb 2015. The fun starts at 8pm and we hope to see you here. Book your seats early! :)

Mae & Jude live at the garden slug 27 Feb 2015

Just two musicians different as Night and Day, with small steps and big dreams. We love old school jazz, alternative rock, indie pop and blues, so enjoy our whimsical blend of music!
Love, Mae & Jude

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